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Nature Walk

Jul 24 2012
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It’s not so often that I feel this way, but in this month I have had many a “eureka” moments !! While I have never been such a keen observer of nature growing up, my homeschooling venture has compelled me to go out on nature walks. I have always loved nature, but in effect it was hearing birds tweet and trees rustle, and the breeze blowing on my face with a cuppa and nothing more. I have been to Lodhi Gardens(Delhi) a zillion times and walked with blinders on.

In probing a bit on how do I go about doing nature walks, I stumbled on this website Handbook of nature study. Ploughing through the ten outdoor challenges was such an eye-opener to start with, but my blinders were still on. But then, Nathan and I started with being attentive to sounds we hear from our balcony… describing the feel of various barks, leaves etc.. Nathan loves imitating any bird he hears… started a small collection of findings etc…. This slowly and gradually made me aware of the various tree barks… shapes of leaves… colours and textures.. sounds of birds… et al!!!

To make it even better Dolphin (my friend) and I, we have decided to do these walks together. What a great help to have someone with an eye for nature do it with you. She is always the one to spot unique things. We devote a day in the week toward this…. and Lodhi has never been sooo exciting and educative as well. This place, as I see it now, is a mini arboretum and bird sanctuary.

Here are some of the observations we accrued this month, making me aware of a whole pedagogic repository! I can’t believe my eyes each time, the very things near to us can be so educational.( I apologize if I sound so newly enlightened on may be something that comes easy to some. )

The barbet’s home excavated in the trunk of a neem tree.

The Brown-headed barbet!! We always here this “katroo.. katroo.. ” call. Voila! We finally found his nesting place!

The White-throated Kingfisher. He, I have to say was this bold thing posing for this shot!

Spot-billed duck. Really looks gorgeous in flight!

Little Egret

The Little Cormorant could swim a long while under water. It really looks lovely swooping for a fish.

Nathan and Jordan (Dolphin’s son) really having a marvelous time. Fresh air, free space and lots to explore !! Learning alongside! (I do not have pictures of them both at the moment…. will upload them later) They really concoct a lot of games and just have fun together.

Observing the germination of neem seeds.

I never expected to enjoy nature walks with such intensity here in urban Delhi, but thanks to Lodhi, and in particular doing it with a friend. I would never have thought to come across any bird other than a myna, crow or pigeon overlooking from my balcony. A few days ago, I  spotted a Coppersmith Barbet perched on the top of a peepul tree from my balcony, can I believe that???  My blinders have truly come off!! I was blind but now I see!!!