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Swift Chocolate Tart

Sep 6 2014
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Nathan wanted to bake a chocolate tart,  so we just went at it all rough and tumble with approximate measures. This recipe takes just under 15 mins. to prepare and 25 mins. to bake.  This was my own assemblage of ingredients and it worked!

For the base:

225g digestive biscuits

75 g butter

For the filling: (besides the eggs, all other ingredients can have approx. measurements)

1 egg yolk

2 whole eggs

125 ml coconut milk OR 2/3 pckt. Hommade coconut milk (substitute with fresh cream if you like)

1/2 cup raw sugar (use less if you use sweetened chocolate)

80g good dark chocolate (1/2 slab of chocolate)

1. For the base, blend the biscuits and butter into a sandy rubble. Press mixture in a 10 inch tart dish.

2. Melt the chocolate in a double boiler.

3. Blend all the filling mixture save the chocolate. Then add the molten chocolate. Stir and pour into the tart dish. Bake for 20mins. at 200C or till the knife comes out clean.