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Insights and inspirations of a homeschooling mother and a full-time homemaker

About Me

Lynnisha Dumpala

Thank you for dropping by! I hope you relish the collection of thoughts on this blog. I am a wife to a wonderful husband and a mother of a sprightly, but adorable boy, Nathan. He just turned three this October. That makes me fairly new to this whole business of motherhood.

I was a piano teacher in a school and taught private lessons as well, but now a full-time homemaker! Some of my favourite things are good books, music, globe-trotting culinarily, thesaurus, and tea.

I belong to a wonderful church, Berean Bible Church, with a close-knit circle of friends whose friendships and examples I deeply cherish.

‘Evocative press’ is intended to be a potpourri of stories on life at home. There is so much to explore, learn and enjoy in such a life. And one needs to equip oneself for this way. I hope to learn and exchange thoughts on being more efficient and deft in this field. Your comments are a lot to me. So please feel free to post!

– Lynnisha