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As I set out with my preschooler!

Jan 13 2012
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Reading ‘Some Implementation‘ got me galvanized into action… Hey, why not? I have no more than one child! What’s wrong with me? My son definitely need at least an hour of fresh air and sunshine! After all Charlotte reckons three to four hours for children under age 6! With our not so well-ventilated rooms in contiguous houses, the least I could do is take him out! Those where the thoughts that raced through my mind!

The next day was busy, but you know what …when one makes something a priority, one can somehow fit it in!! My mom was leaving for Bombay, my dad’s diet and juicing needed supervision, some read alouds for Nathan, fixing lunch….. in the middle of it all, at 1 p.m. “ Nathan let’s go to the park!”

Making a virtue of the sunshine and the park, for which I’m ever so grateful, grabbed a banana and a bottle of water, and set out. He made a castle from the bricks strewn in the park. And crushed scattered lime leaves and noticed the lime tree in blossoms. I showed him the difference between buds from the blooms and he asked me, “ Where’s that girl, Thumbelina?” (ha!) For a want- to -play- ball kind of child, I was amazed at how he played with bricks, leaves and mud all by himself.. .. Just letting him be. As Charlotte puts it, ‘A good deal of letting alone!’ I enjoyed watching such freedom and was smug about putting it to practice!

I consider myself so blessed to walk in the trail blazed by others. How easy can it get!

With all this, I went back to refresh my memories on those principles I said I would follow for my preschooler. As I mould my preschooler I plan to concentrate on habit training, nature study, composer study, poetry, hymns, foreign language etc… and informal read alounds! (as suggested from the above link)

The preschool years of life is an undertaking that I now come to see as crucial and formative that will determine most of the child’s character. This enterprise which will have challenges, risks and complications and most importantly scope for growth (sounds metaphorical), but seriously taking it up with diligence and punctuality just like professionals confer on their work! Love that kind of fervency! The Creator Himself has thought the mother qualified to take on this challenging task. He will bestow special wisdom in the process, I believe… So, I cannot walk about with lack of confidence in my ability as a parent… trusting that the parent-child relationship works! Believing in His design!

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January 16th, 2012 at 11:41 am

You are so right! It IS His design! And it’s easy to do when we actually do it. I think the more we hem-haw and postpone, the more intimidating it seems.



January 16th, 2012 at 6:49 pm

I’ve fallen into that trap, and have been cowed into disbelief, feeling incompetent! Just trust Him and take a leap of faith, that’s what our Christian life is all about! Right?
Also wanted to say.. thanks for reading and commenting.. it’s encouraging, especially as a newbie!

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