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Asthma concoction

Dec 17 2011
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An asthmatic attack can be quite an episode, especially for a child. Nathan, though not frequent, has them. I remember the first time… we were clueless! It started off like a cold- the snuffles, and then chest congestion leading to short breaths, and finally a state of lethargy. A year old child can hardly express much. Witnessing that was really hard for us! We took him to our pediatrician, a really good doctor. But let’s face it, for asthma, the only remedy conventional medicine can offer is asthalin. Administering it every four hours using either the inhaler or the nebulizer! And when severe, a steroid, Betnisol is given.

A year ago, Renu, my friend asked me to try a concoction. I wasn’t so eager to believe that this would really help… No more asthalin?? Impossible! Then when I finally gave in, forced two spoons of this magical concoction down his throat… voila! It worked!! The runny nose would not peak to a wheezing condition. This was such a relief to know there was another way!

Below is the recipe to this homemade potion:

Egg and brandy concoction:

For this you will need:

1 cup juice from unripened green limes

1 egg (preferably one that you are confident about)

Raw honey


  1. Immerse the egg in the lime juice. Let it sit for 24 hours. The egg shell and the lime amalgamates to form a frothy head. If the juice is tangy enough, the eggshell will dissolve leaving only the inner lining.
  2. Irrespective of how much of the shell dissolves, after a day bash it about and strain through a muslin cloth. You will get a golden molten mixture.
  3. The raw honey, brandy, and the egg mixture have to be in equal proportion. So add honey and brandy accordingly. Refrigerate.
  4. Have 2 tablespoons a day starting from the first signs of a cold or the onset of a climate change.

Howbeit, this doesn’t cure the condition, it helps you through it, that is, if you take it before it climaxes. I look at it as a good substitute for asthalin, if taken in time. This week, however, I missed and had to face the brunt!

There are so many wonderful ingredients that nature provides. The remedy to many problems may simply reside in the kitchen. These building-blocks within our reach can prove noble indeed! I hope to discover more of life’s goodness.

Nature’s Nobility, a category in this blog, sets to verify just that!