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God’s most important gift – the power of choice!

Jan 10 2012
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Points from the message in church, last sunday!


This new year can be seen as a clean slate to write my history. I can have the best marriage, be the best mother, have the best relationship, a deeper commitment with the Lord Jesus Christ. It depends on ME!!

Life is made of choices, not chances. We are our choices! Character is formed by the same. NEVER underestimate the power of choice. External circumstances do not take our power to choose.  Christians should never be victims, but victors.

“Victimization is a slap in the face of God”

As opposed to animals that have instinct, man has the freedom to choose his own destiny. So take hold of the wheel… direct yourself to the right destination!

The questions to ask in crucial decisions ( those that will determine the course of our life):

  • What does God say about a situation?
  • Is the choice in harmony with the word of God?
  • Is my standard based upon the word of God or my own wisdom, or upon what people think? Verses: Prov 3:5-6, Proverbs 28:26, Proverbs 20:24Rather side with legalism than lawlessness. We don’t have to pray about the clearly forbidden.

Then there are those decisions that are not spelled out in the bible. They are neither black nor white… the grey areas. The choices between what’s good and what’s best. (1cor 10: 23)

The questions to ask:

  1. Will it make me a better Christian? Will it build me up spiritually? Will it move me closer to God??
  2. How will my choices help others? Will it hurt others? We are not to be people pleasers but we are to consider others?
  3. Will your choices trouble your family?
  4. Will I want others to know what I’m about to do? Live your life in the light.
  5. Is this the best use of my time?
  6. Do I take counsel from others? Proverbs 13:10, 15:22, 19:20
  7. Do you think your decisions through? Don’t make your choice on a whim? Proverbs 14:8, 14:15.
  8. What will be the consequences of my choices?

There will be a judgement day! That’s why we need to make wise decisions. The day of reckoning is preceded by the day of reason.

Life has choices, choices have consequences. Therefore make the right choices.



Inspired to take the pledge

Nov 28 2011
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Yesterday, the message in church was on how privileged are the poor in spirit. What a great message! The verse in culmination blessed me the most- Isaiah 66: 1-2 , where God,  who has made the whole universe cares for nothing but for one with a contrite and meek spirit!!! Just think of it – How can God Almighty, maker of heaven and earth, possibly have a relationship with someone thinking he knows better!

‘In church, the past few weeks have been very convicting for me. I have pledged to be far removed from laziness, sheer indolence of mind! I’m not waiting for the new year to make any resolution. Right now is the time! So, from taking notes in church ( a fundamental to intellectualism, as our Pastor put it) to putting it to practice, and home chores to raising children may diligence prevail!!!