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Inspired to take the pledge

Nov 28 2011
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Yesterday, the message in church was on how privileged are the poor in spirit. What a great message! The verse in culmination blessed me the most- Isaiah 66: 1-2 , where God,  who has made the whole universe cares for nothing but for one with a contrite and meek spirit!!! Just think of it – How can God Almighty, maker of heaven and earth, possibly have a relationship with someone thinking he knows better!

‘In church, the past few weeks have been very convicting for me. I have pledged to be far removed from laziness, sheer indolence of mind! I’m not waiting for the new year to make any resolution. Right now is the time! So, from taking notes in church ( a fundamental to intellectualism, as our Pastor put it) to putting it to practice, and home chores to raising children may diligence prevail!!!

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